Devi The Web Guy: Digital Growth Consultant and Google Magician

Greetings and welcome to Devi The Web Guy’s Homepage! If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably looking for someone who can bring tons of money waving traffic to your site through the secret magic of relevant content, back links, and top shelf SEO. If not, you’re probably already gone anyway, so we’ll get right to the point.

We don’t want to waste any time and neither do you, so here’s a quick hit list of what Devi The Web Guy is going to start doing the moment you contact him:

  • Find the keywords you need to rank with
  • Weave these keywords into high-quality, relevant content
  • Group this content into silos using precise internal linking strategies
  • Watch your site rankings go up with a devious smile on his face
  • Keep his eyeballs glued to your back link and disavowal files to keep the momentum going

We’ll get to the details in just a bit. First, let’s have a look at who this Devi Guy really is and why you’d do well to get hold of him right away.

Meet Lord Devi, Your CFO’s Future Best Friend

We’ll start by introducing the man himself-- Devi The Web Guy or simply Lord Devi. You can learn more about Devi’s bio on the About Page, but are a few things you deserve to know right from the jump.

First, the man gets results. With the right budget in hand, he can blast your site to the top of the Google Results Page in a matter of months. He accomplishes this through near obsessive dedication, a love of his craft, and a set of methods that have been speaking directly to the Google algorithms for over twenty years.

Devi’s SEO Philosophy

It’s this set of methods that gets the money into your pocket, so let’s take a quick look at how Devi makes it all happen.

First, ranking high on Google is a great deal simpler than most SEO types make it out to be. Yes, there are important details regarding keyword selection, usage, and the right way to acquire good links, but the contours are actually quite simple. Here’s a summary of the things that Devi has come to believe about the so-called mysteries of SEO:

  • There are a lot of SEO con artists out there who want to mystify things for their own gain
  • This mystification is unnecessary and unethical. You should focus on quality and practices, not fictional complexity
  • The recipe for great SEO hasn’t changed much, but quality ingredients are non-optional
  • You have to cast a wide net with your site’s content by writing about many different relevant subjects
  • The content must be grouped into silos with the appropriate internal linking structure
  • Never let content gaps develop between you and your competition
  • Answer EVERY question your potential customers have with a dedicated article on it
  • BUY LINKS every month to guarantee velocity
  • Maintain your site’s Disavow file frequently (monthly or even weekly) to avoid damaging manual actions and Penguin penalties.